Transportation Law in New York

The For-Hire Vehicle industry in New York City is as diverse as the city it serves. For-Hire vehicles service is an extremely vital part of the transportation network in New York City. The industry serves a city where only approximately half the households have a car of their own, and where yellow taxi service can be found mainly only in Manhattan and at the airports. FHV service complements the City’s bus and subway system, servicing trips where the use of public transportation is impractical due to the need for convenience, speed, protection from inclement weather and transportation of packages or luggage.
— Bruce Schaller

     The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. has become the leading law office in ground transportation industry in New York City. We represent some of the biggest and best transportation entities in New York City, including car services, black car and luxury limousine bases and other licensed operators in the for-hire vehicle industry. The firm is general counsel to a number of large and mid-sized transportation entities. No other law firm in New York City is as steeped as us in the legal and operational issues that affect the for-hire vehicle industry. Our practice in the ground transportation industry industry now spans from corporate formation, motor vehicle insurance defense, transportation regulation, trademark protection, contracts, Workers Compensation defense, asset and purchase agreements, risk management and other commercial litigation.

    When someone needs to go to the airport, one may hail a yellow cab or call a “car service”. The semantic distinction between a "car service" and a yellow medallion taxicab is of little interest to the person who simply wants to get to the airport on time. One of the primary differences is between walking out on the street and hoping to find an available yellow cab or receiving traditional telephone-arranged, door-to-door service.

    For-hire vehicles (FHVs) serve an array of customers, neighborhoods and needs that reflect the full diversity of New York. FHVs include three main categories of vehicle services. First is the neighborhood “car service” or Livery vehicles that take residents to a myriad of everyday destinations such as doctor appointments, work, shopping and airports. FHVs also include "black cars," which is a more expensive, premium type service that mostly caters to Manhattan’s business clientele. Finally, FHVs include limousines, the most lavish end of the market.

    Today there are over 120,000 licensed FHVs operating out of 600 Base Stations throughout the five boroughs of New York City. FHVs are limited by law to serving passengers by prior arrangement. In contrast to FHV’s, yellow medallion taxicabs serve street hail customers exclusively.

    To effectively represent the FHV industry, a law firm must understand its diversity and how it operates. The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. has become the "legal partner and trusted advisor" to many large livery and black car bases. Similar to the in-house legal counsel of large corporations, The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. has become intimately familiar with the business methods and objectives of our clients. Accordingly, when our clients make business decisions, they seek our legal counsel to proactively consider possible ramifications. The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. also assists its clients with regulatory and governmental matters, ranging from obtaining appropriate licenses for their businesses to resolving disputes with government entities.

Transportation Law Generally   

Our transportation practice provides counsel and strategic planning in multiple segments of the transportation industry. Regardless of a transportation company's vigilance, there is always the potential for a crisis situation in the industry. Transportation lawyers must be prepared to provide emergency response and crisis management services for our clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether the circumstance involves a significant accident, fire, explosion or other disaster, the first hours after such an event are critical from a liability management standpoint. We work with out transportation clients every step of the way to address every conceivable issue that may arise.

      By its very nature, transportation is labor intensive. Thus, our labor and employment skill sets are an integral part of our counseling of our transportation clients. Additionally, our experience in handling a broad range of regulatory, antitrust, litigation, insurance, transactional, technology and governmental affairs matters in unparalleled in a boutique law firm.