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    Whether a client is running a business, litigation can interfere with operations, disrupt busy schedules, and cost your business both time and money. The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. understands that lawsuits can interfere with your business plans. Our attorneys work with clients to minimize the costs associated with litigation. However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. Whether the lawsuit involves a former employee, a business dispute with a competitor, or a conflict with a potential infringer of a client’s trademark rights, The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. and its attorneys can provide your business with diligent and aggressive representation.

    The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. has achieved great success inside and outside of the courtroom. What sets us apart from other litigation firms is that we do not process a large volume of cases. We intentionally limit the number of clients we accept so that every client receives the personal and proper attention they deserve. We do not process cases, we represent real people and real companies with real problems. We handle each case and each client on an individual basis.

    We have successfully tried and appealed cases in every state and federal courthouse in New York City. Our philosophy is to thoroughly prepare every case for trial. That requires meticulous preparation of all relevant facts and complete knowledge of applicable law. Our attorneys work closely with our clients and spare no expense because we believe that each client deserves the best opportunity to present his or her case to a jury.

     Not only have we had great success at trial, but our appellate record is outstanding. We handle our own appeals and are proud of arguing and obtaining favorable results for our clients. Of course, every case is not tried to verdict. We are also able to obtain favorable settlements prior to trial because our adversaries know we are always well prepared and well versed in the fields of law that we practice in.   We approach the preparation of cases and representation of our clients as a team. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable support staff is enthusiastic and dedicated to its work. We also utilize the most advanced computer technology in order to manage our cases efficiently and to obtain legal and factual information as quickly and thoroughly as the most current technology allows. Simply put, our clients receive the best representation from outstanding attorneys, led by experienced litigators with exceptional judgment assisted by a motivated support staff. The combination of our experience, trial skills and negotiation and management techniques, together with excellent attorneys eminently capable of trying cases to verdict, is a unique and compelling combination that garners the best achievable result for our clients.


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