New Style Law Firm 

     After serving as an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the New York City Law Department, and having acted as senior trial attorney in a two medium sized general litigation law firms, Steven Shanker decided to open a new type of law firm. Mr. Shanker wanted to provide clients with the type of service that is often promised by other law firms, but is rarely provided. Mr. Shanker also wanted to bring some respectability back to the legal profession by showing his clients that they can trust and put their faith in the hands of their lawyer. With nothing but a great deal of drive, desire and enthusiasm, in January 2000, The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. was born. At first, Mr. Shanker had a small group of clients, a phone, a desk, and a computer. In its early years, the firm focused primarily on workers’ compensation and insurance litigation. The firm quickly grew not only in size, but the nature of the firm's services expanded to include not only more specialized fields of business and commercial litigation, but also business transactions, employment law, intellectual property, unemployment defense, risk management and general corporate counsel. 

     The Shanker Law Firm, P.C., has developed into a business boutique law firm that offers its clients an alternative to larger business law firms. We practice law with an entrepreneurial approach. We work closely with our clients to discover and implement the customized legal solutions that best meet their needs. We serve entrepreneurs, growing businesses and major corporations. Ranging from local entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to multi-million dollar entities, our clients prize the highly personalized and individual attention that our business law firm provides. Clients of The Shanker Law Firm, P.C. can count on prompt legal services. Our goal is to recognize your legal needs and provide you with solutions. The lawyers of our firm want you to feel confident whether you are an individual or a multi-million dollar company that your matter is being handled properly and efficiently, to be kept informed of its status and to have a single lead attorney who is responsible and knowledgeable for all of your matters. We provide prompt, experienced legal services with innovative yet practical business solutions. We are prepared to guide and counsel you with your best interests in mind every step of the way

     For some clients we act as general counsel, providing not only representation and legal advice, but also assistance in day to day operational matters. For other clients, we represent them on individual matters that run the gamut on litigation and transactional issues. We seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We know firsthand the importance of a strong attorney-client relationship and we take our obligations seriously. 

      Throughout its history, The Shanker Law Firm’s philosophy has remained the same as it has from day number one. The focus is on the highest quality legal work, efficiency and speed, reasonable cost, responsiveness to each of its clients and attention to detail. We treat each client and each case as if they were our only client. The reasons we do this are simple. First, each client wants to know and trust their lawyer. The attention and responsiveness we give each client is the kind that each client deserves, but most often is not provided at other law firms. Second, without our clients, we would not exist. We place a high value on quality and loyalty and believe that each client is entitled our very best work.