Uber Drivers in New York City Protest Fare Cuts

Personally, I am not a fan of unions in the for-hire vehicle industry, but as far as I am concerned, let the Uber drivers protest and strike till they are blue in the face. Uber portrays themselves as the Salvation Army that out to help the working class people and create jobs. They do noting of the kind. All they are doing is taking full time jobs away from traditional limo drivers as well as taxi drivers and making it into a part time industry for all. Uber loves the PR they get for allegedly helping the senior citizens of the world find work after retirement by just using their cars for some extra cash. The answer to what they are doing will not stare anyone in the face, but think about it for a while and speak to some people who works in the industry and you will find out that Uber is the anti-christ. They would likely rip your heart out with a spoon for a few extra pennies per ride.......and they actually do with their surge pricing. Its amazing how people don't understand why their trip from Wall Street to Water Street (a few blocks away) cost approx $500.00. How can someone agree to pay for a service in advance without knowing how much it will cost at the end and without knowing what Uber's surge pricing is. Do people often go into a jewelry store and take a gold necklace to the counter and say "Ill take it" without knowing how much it is and whether the jeweler is going to charge you double or triple the amount simply because, at that particular moment, supply is low and demand has high. But this is just financial rape. Go on the news and read the sickening stories about the violence and other horror stories that passengers of the Uber experience have had to endure. If you did your homework, perhaps you would think twice before using Uber as opposed to some other well established and respectable car service.