Uber is NOT creating Jobs- do the Math

Based on Uber’s “job creation” projections for update New York, $80 million in revenue will be brought in and 13,000 jobs created.  Do the math, that is $6,153 for each driver before paying for gas, insurance and wear and tear on the vehicle. This is NOT creating jobs! $6,153 pay be extra income for someone who wants to supplement their income for and already has an existing job. This is not even part time job wages when you consider how much time this theoretical driver must work to earn the $61,53. This is called job destruction, all at the hands of Uber. The 13,000 people who will supplement their income with an additional $6,153 (before expenses) will have eliminated thousands of full time jobs for drivers who are actually professional drivers who do this for a living and not as a hobby. This is not job creation in my book, but a cute spin that Uber has placed on their actions in an attempt to get the public and the media to buy their bad bill of goods.